About us

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The Rodds Bay Solar Farm project is being developed by Renew Estate with the assistance of Periurban Property Development.

Renew Estate is an Australian company that develops renewable energy projects that will create long term and enduring benefits for Australia. We are a collaboration between experienced partners with a proven track-record in delivering large-scale solar farm projects. 

Our vision is to deliver an innovative, holistic, flexible and authentic engagement process with all landowners, government and community stakeholders, throughout the life-cycle of the project. We will inform and consult with local communities to provide a deep understanding of the potential impacts and benefits associated with our projects.  

We believe that there is a green and sustainable future for Australia where low cost solar energy will deliver benefits for us all.


Renew Estate has appointed Periurban Property Development Pty Ltd (Periurban Property) as the development approval phase project manager for Queensland based projects.

Periurban Property identifies potential sites and then engages with property owners and conducts initial negotiations. Periurban Projects also engages with local councils and the Queensland State Government and coordinates the various specialists required to complete a development application.

Periurban Property specialises in designing and obtaining approvals for self-sustaining communities on rural land at the edge of existing towns and urban communities, utilising state of the art renewable energy, sewerage and water solutions and internet, and aims to retain at least 50% of each project site as natural habitat.